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The Benefits Of Using Butterfly Valves

In an industry where ball valves have been a common purchase, we are now seeing butterfly valves become more dominate. Although ball valves serve a great purpose in applications that aren't always suitable for butterfly valves, according to our customers, their reasons for choosing one over the other is quite simple.

Unlike a ball valve, a butterfly valve uses a disc rather than a ball to prevent or allow flow. A metal flat disc is positioned in the body's open port in the closed position (butterfly valves should always be installed in the closed position), by turning the valve's handle a quarter turn, the disc is rotated, placing it parallel with the flow, creating a fully open position. The stem holding the disc is a precisely shaped square rod that runs up through the top of the valve allowing for direct mount actuators to be installed (optional).

Butterfly valves, both Lug Style and Wafer Style, are more compact, more precise and require little maintenance. According to our customers, they are much easier to install, and as we know, less expensive than other options. They are designed for very easy use, weather you are using them manually, electronically or pneumatically. *Gear operation over 8" in size is recommended over lever handles.

Whatever your application is or will be, perhaps evaluating valve options will save you time and money on your next project. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, quotes and/or orders ~ We look forward to hearing from you.

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